If you’re going on holiday, why not make your rental car a memorable part of that holiday excursion? Hummers are amazing vehicles and great fun. Anyone who likes to get some attention will certainly do so driving a rented Hummer. Here are some great reasons why you should rent a Hummer on your next vacation.

Get Attention

When you’re driving your rented Hummer you will feel like you’re in a tank that’s almost invincible. The cars around you will seem tiny and you will look monstrous in a good way. There’s no way to hide in a Hummer and everyone will notice you. When you arrive at the hotel, or the casino, or the restaurant, you’ll be instantly seen as a VIP.

Fit In With The Rich

You can travel to some of the most exclusive areas and you will be seen as fitting in perfectly. If you go to a city like Las Vegas or Miami or Palm Springs, these are all areas where everyone is driving around in vehicles that are noticeable. In order to fit in, it’s necessary that you look the part and you will in your rented Hummer. The nice thing about the Hummer is that it’s so unique that even when side-by-side with other super luxury vehicles it stands out and above the crowd.

Get A Discount

Some car rentals will actually give a discount for Hummers because many feel the gas prices will be too high for them and this encourages the rental companies to offer a discount for those who rent the vehicle. Depending on which model that you rent, you can get as much as 20 miles per gallon on the highway. So they really are no more costly on gas than similar-sized SUVs.

Of course, the Hummer 1 might only get 13 to 15 miles to the gallon on the highway but then it’s such an incredible ride that it’s worth the extra cost. When you’re on holiday you are really looking to do something that’s truly incredible and special and since you’ll be traveling around in some type of rental, why not go in style in a unique way that you just can’t get with another vehicle.

There is no doubt that this is not an economy car but that is the point. You are on vacation and there to have fun. In your everyday life, you can certainly drive around in an economy car or your hybrid, but when on vacation, why not let the inner wild come out and play? Vacations are meant for fun and for experiencing things you are not ordinarily able to experience.

It is unlikely that you will ever own a Hummer, but that is no reason why you can’t experience the chance to drive one. Your rented Hummer will add significantly to the experience you have while on holiday. It may cost a bit more than another choice but it will be worth every penny for the experience.